easy to be skiving single side pingpong

  • color: white, blue, brown, light brown
  • size:1m*1.5m/sheet, 0.9m*1.5m/sheet
  • package: standard plastic bag, if necessary pallets packing

easy to be skiving single side pingpong  



1. Heat activated
2. well bonding, high elastic

3. both Single side and double sides coated available.

4. Suitable for various shoesbecuase we have different hardness.

5. easy to be skiving


Usage: cut it into certain shape according to shoes different requirements. after skiving Then heat with upper. 


Packing:  plastic bag, pallets

1.    sheet size: 1m*1.5m, package 25 sheet/bag



Application: thin thickness can be reinforcement of man & lady shoessport shoe. Thick thickness can be use to climbing boots or function shoes

Glue: EVA and TPU face glue. Tpu is more good sticky for oily true leather.

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